Cloud Service

The outsourcing of accounting, controlling and reporting enables companies to fully concentrate on their core competencies while providing timely, reliable and meaningful data to support corporate governance.

Cloud solution: advantages and alternatives

The bundling of BPO services and SAP expertise offers decisive advantages: companies and their service providers worldwide can access their business figures in real time, record receipts directly in the system in parallel to the BPO service, and determine the scope of outsourcing.

Basically, the cloud solution offers 2 alternatives:

The private cloud, where a custom development is possible and the public cloud, which is based on a uniform, central development platform.

The advantage of the public cloud is that further developments (for example, new SAP apps) can be used by all customers in the cloud.

Cloud platform SAP S / 4 HANA

In order to realize a modern and efficient cloud system, the platform used is crucial. One of the most advanced on the market that can be used for cloud computing is SAP S / 4 HANA. User-unfriendly systems, however, cause a number of disadvantages:

  • Inefficient process flows
  • Dissatisfied employees
  • Low productivity
  • Bad data quality

To minimize these risks, S / 4 HANA offers a comprehensive user experience: Modern surface technologies such as FIORI and HTML 5, for example, make it intuitive and efficient to use. In addition, the user can inform himself via the desktop as well as via smartphone and tablet about current business figures and evaluate them in a multidimensional way. Furthermore, the real-time processing of the centralized and redundancy-free data is powerful.

If third-party systems are to be retained, they can be connected via web services. The result is an integrated system landscape tailored to the user’s needs. The cloud solution can be supplemented as needed in addition to the areas of finance, controlling and reporting, e.g. about procurement processes and order management.

Competitive advantages

Because of its flexibility and scalability, BPO in the cloud is especially attractive to mid-sized or fast-growing companies because it reduces investment risk and quickly adjusts to economic or seasonal fluctuations. In addition, cost advantages result from savings, process efficiency as well as reduced capital commitment and control-relevant figures and data become transparent.